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World of Goo – A game for you



Imagine a wonderful world, inhabited by blobs (so called goos). Does that sound ridiculous? It will make perfect sense when you start playing World of Goo. Its story is so engaging and full of twists that it will catch you and don’t let you goo until you reach the end of the game (which will take you a few good hours). Your role is to help the goos co-operate with each other so that they reach their next escape (level end) and you can do that by sticking them together in an arrangement you decide is the best (just like the stacking bricks game Magnetix). However, each goo has a weight, so  you have to keep the balance in mind or else your construction will collapse easily (though failing is not punished and you can retry immediately).


worldofgoo screenshotWorld of goo is a game full of clever physics-based puzzles, with a charming and philosophical  narrative and cute art style. The game is really for everyone, not just based on its ESRB rating, but because everyone can connect with the the “world of goos”. And it is highly engaging because it is just too easy to fall in love with the goos… The game has very easy controls, which makes it playable for young children, who already managed mouse controls. The educational effects of this game range from imagination and creative problem-solving to physics (i.e. changing gravity) and structural engineering calculations. 



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