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Way – Training social skills with a multiplayer platformer



Way is an experimental game about two strangers learning to communicate with each other. At the start of the game you get matched with another player (internet connection required).  The game itself is a platformer (just like Super Mario), where you control your character in a flat 2D world. The screen is horizontally divided into two parts: on the one half you see your character and on the other you see everything your partner is doing. What’s tricky: there are passages where only one of you can see elements in the game which are crucial to progress in the level. At this point, it’s up to the players to figure out how to help the other. The game has deliberately no chat, so all you have is your character’s gesture.

This game makes you take responsibility for the success of your co-player, which is also linked to your success. If you don’t figure out how to communicate and co-operate with each other, you are bound to fail in Way. And in order to make your partner follow your instructions (and you his/hers), you have to build trust (thus cheating makes no sense). The controls are not exactly what you would call intuitive and there is no tutorial (gradual unfolding of complexity), which is why young kids might struggle with the game at first. But once you master the basics, you will start enjoying the game and all the ways of interaction that make you bond with the stranger you are playing with.

Download Way for free 

– and if you want to play the game with a particular person, then just start the game at the same time.



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