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Thomas was alone – A narrated game about empathy and friendship



This game is about Thomas. Thomas is a red block… or rather just some lines of code in a computer program. Thomas realizes this weird fact and starts wondering about it. This and any other thoughts of him are narrated through out the game, which makes it an interactive novel as well. You start wandering with Thomas through different levels and in the course of that, Thomas meets other shapes. Making friends with these different shapes is crucial, because mastering a level is depends on successful collaboration between all shapes.


thomaswasalone_screenshotThomas was alone can be a tricky game and its puzzle nature to reach the goals of a level can be challenging but remains entertaining at all times. The soundtrack as well as the sounds in the game (like jumping), plus the narration engages you absolutely in this abstract world. After a while, you start identifying with Thomas and you will develop a serious interest in his journey and the interactions with his friends. Each of them has a distinct personality, just like real humans, which makes it easy to connect with them and see parallels to the real world. By playing this game, you will learn about relationships and develop empathy for people who are different from you. It is about co-operation, sense of community and taking a pause for self-reflection.



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