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Portal – See the world from different angles

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“We are ready to begin the tests” – That’s what you hear when you wake up in a glass cubicle at the Aperture Labs. In the following, you will explore the mysterious research facility and the only thing you are carrying with you is a Portal gun, which can make you shoot portals (=temporary entrances or exits) . Each area of the facility you visit is one big puzzle which needs to be solved in order to get you access to the next one. This includes finding a way through, moving blocks or dealing with automated turrets – only by using your portal gun.


portal packagePortal literally turns the world upside down. The levels build upon each other in terms of skill and challenge and are accompanied by a subtle narrative spiced with black humor. The game constantly tests your sense of orientation and forces you to do things of which you have been thinking are impossible. The puzzles are smart and nobody is telling you how to solve them, its just your drive for exploration and curiosity that will make you “survive” the tasks of Aperture Labs through ongoing trial and error. This can be frustrating of course but if you accept the challenge, each puzzle is very rewarding in its own way. Portal makes teaches you to come up with creative solutions to spatial problems without boundaries. Not only your 3D orientation will improve but also will you be stimulated to think outside of the box.



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