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Nancy Drew – A cultural icon becomes interactive



“One of the things I absolutely love about these games is how they’re able to be wholesome, educational, and still really fun. I’m never worried about playing these around little kids or my parents, since I know that there won’t be any crudeness or harsh language. I’ve learned lots of…”

This is a quote from one of the many testimonials for Nancy Drew that girls have written to the developers of the Nancy Drew games series. The games’ protagonist is based on the Books by Carolyn Keene. The book has inspired many powerful women in leadership like Supreme Court Justices Sandra Day O’Connor, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and former First Lady Laura Bush.


nancydrew_pThe Nancy Drew PC games live up to that and enable its players to be the fearless hero in a series of adventures, mystery and detective stories. The game’s formula is simple: In first-person view, Nancy (you) will is able to inspect and interact with different things on the screen. The game is not rushing its players and interesting items are emphasized by a different mouse cursor. The strong narrative nature of the game illustrates sophisticated plots and keeps the story exciting. Solving puzzles and interacting with the game characters are the main strengths of the game: This is were players can exercise logic and social skills, while being identified with the agentic personality of Nancy Drew and learn traits like independence, assertiveness and competence.


The Nancy Drew games are educational and entertaining – not only for lovers of the books :)


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