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Minecraft – Let’s start building a new world together!



Minecraft is probably the most popular game for children and if you don’t know it yet, it is a first-person sandbox game, which means that you can build whatever you want (just like in a real sandbox). Every element in the game is made of bricks (just like digital Lego bricks), which you can use to craft and build. Very distinctive is the pixel-look of the game. Minecraft is an online multiplayer game, so you are able to group up with people and build things together. The controls of the game are similar to first-person shooter games and it might take a while until you master controlling keyboard (movement, action) and mouse (view) at the same time.


minecraft_productThe educational effects of Minecraft are wide-ranging and include math (for crafting ingredients into new things), science (like building electrical circuits), social skills (co-operation with other players), geometry and creativity (building new things – which is its main strength).

Furthermore, Minecraft is being used in classrooms to teach various subjects. The social nature of the game is facilitating team work and gives more introvert children a chance to flourish. Scientific literature so far has identified classroom applications for biology, ecology, physics, chemistry, geology and geography, as well as artifial intelligence.



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