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Lilly looking through – The mysterious journey of a brave little girl



Lilly looking though is an animated adventure game, with a point and click game mechanic. You are playing Lilly, the female protagonist, who goes on a journey to rescue her brother. On her way, Lilly comes across puzzles, which have to be solved until she can progress. The puzzles require logical thinking (for example figuring out which items to combine to reach a goal or having to pull various switches and levers) and can be really difficult (although I have to admit that I was never good in these kind of games), but hints will be given if so desired. The unique part of this game: Lilly has magical goggles, which allow her to go back in time (and many puzzles will require you to do so).


lilly_screenshotLilly looking through is a visually beautiful game, all background drawings are hand-painted and the character design is just cute. The game world is mysterious and stimulates imagination and once you take the first steps with Lilly, you will connect with this little curious girl. Her character is brave and she overcomes fears and obstacles with courage, picturing her as a role-model for young girls to develop self-assertiveness. Furthermore, Lilly’s journey is accompanied by a very atmospheric soundtrack, that deepens your sense of presence in the game by its multifaceted rhythms and melodies. All in all, Lilly looking through is a very charming, clever and challenging game.


Click here to download the demo for free (Steam account required).

Also check out the Lilly Looking Through Soundtrack.


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