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Thomas was alone – A narrated game about empathy and friendship

This game is about Thomas. Thomas is a red block… or rather just some lines of code in a computer program. Thomas realizes this weird fact and starts wondering about it. This and any other thoughts of him are narrated […]

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World of Goo – A game for you

Imagine a wonderful world, inhabited by blobs (so called goos). Does that sound ridiculous? It will make perfect sense when you start playing World of Goo. Its story is so engaging and full of twists that it will catch you and don’t […]

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crazymachines early childhood

Crazy machines – Boosting creativity and teaching physics in a playful way

My very first review is dedicated to a game that made a lasting impression on my when I played it at the age of 6 (back then on a Windows 3.11 machine). The original game was called ‘The incredible machine’, the […]

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