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Welcome to Gamesformychildren.com, the scientifically founded guide to find the right video games for children, teenagers and friends of good gaming!

Games are nowadays everywhere and everybody plays them. However, the games market is so oversaturated that it’s hard to find appropriate games for your kids and by that I mean games that are fun and educational. Only fun games can be found at your local store or by looking at the bestsellers, but these games might have negative effects on your kids. On the other hand, educational games are in most cases not fun at all and kids won’t play them. And finally, there is a small intersection with games that are fun and educational. Those are exactly the games I will recommend to you!

As a passionate gamer and game designer I can tell from experience what games are really fun to play. Furthermore, as a psychologist and doctoral candidate in the field of video games research I know exactly which games might be harmful or beneficial. All game suggestions made on this website rely on my best knowledge and expertise. Let me help you choose the right video games for your kids!

Last but not least, keep in mind that games are designed to be played together. So don’t miss the chance to spend this qulaity time with your kids (even in the case of single player games). By that, you will facilitate the knowledge and skills acquisition of your kids and improve your relationship at the same time (not to speak of having a fun time yourself).

Happy playing and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or requests!


Jacek Sliwinski
Jacek [at] gamesformychildren.com

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